20110503 SitRep

Madison County ARES/RACES Sitrep for Tuesday, 5-3-2011

A. Community status:
Power, Phones, Internet @ 75%.
Recovery efforts continue in affected areas.
Community has been extremely responsive.
Volunteer support for cleanup and distribution continuing.
Curfew in Madison County has been lifted except for the affected areas.

B. Agencies served:
Madison County EMA
Madison/Marshall County American Red Cross
N. AL Medical Reserve Corps. (remote clinic adjacent to affected areas)
Madison County VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters)
2-1-1 Crisis Service
Salvation Army (normal comm. restored)
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (normal comm. restored)
Seventh Day Adventist Food Distribution (normal comm. restored)
N. Alabama Food Bank (normal comm. restored)
Radio Station Lite 96.9 FM (normal comm. restored)
Food service at Joe Davis Stadium (normal comm. restored)

C. Repeaters used:
146.94 Primary Net (NCS, EC and some AECs at EOC with access to WebEOC)
147.22 Coordination backchannel for 146.94
147.15 Inter-County Coord. (Marshall, Limestone & Morgan Counties)
147.10 ditto
147.00 ditto
147.18 Rebroadcast of Public officials briefings each morning
147.22 Volunteer coordination
147.24 ditto

D. Traffic Load : Beginning to ramp down as we move from disaster mode to recovery mode, but the weekend influx of volunteers for the field teams will probably ramp it back up.

E. Hams active on all nets (unique callsigns): estimate 50-75 yesterday – down a little, but with increased emphasis on support to field-deployed volunteer teams.

F. Significant points:
1. We are continuing to re-broadcast the EMA press conference (main source of info and recommendations for community) each day. Because of the widespread loss of power, landline, and cell connectivity this HR conduit has been the only source of vital community–wide information for some.

2. Ham volunteers have been sufficient. See D., above. We are beginning to assess our ability to provide HR resources to adjacent communities, should that be requested.

3. Local ham community morale is very high, despite beginning the seventh day of high stress ops. We know of no contention or turf battles within the local ham community.


Chuck Lewis, N4NM
ARRL ARES Asst Emergency Coordinator, Madison County
(here is the parent article – for additional links)
( https://w4hmc.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/alabama-tornado-outbreak/ )


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