20110505 SitRep

Madison County, AL ARES/RACES Sitrep, May 5, 2011

A quick update:

– Starting tomorrow (Friday) we will use the station at the First Baptist
Church as net control. The focus has shifted from EMA ops to recovery; and
with the church as the intake/dispatch point for volunteer teams to the field,
it makes sense to simplify and reduce the node points. We’ll probably use just
the .94 and .22 repeaters as primary and coordination channels, respectively.
Both will be run from the ham desk at the church.

– Red Cross Station operated Thursday through Wednesday

– EMA Station Wednesday (starting during the tornado event) through

– Today we counted around 125 unique call-signs
just on the primary net.

– Support to the volunteers (2200 Sunday, 366 today) will continue for a
while, as long as unmet needs remain. A big surge is expected this weekend. We
equipped each team with a ham radio operator to coordinate with the volunteer
center at the 1st Baptist church. We’ll re-evaluate each day.

– We are sketching the outline of an After-Action Report; and beginning to
collect and collate inputs.

– We’re tired and proud.

Rolf Goedhart, K4RGG
ARRL ARES Emergency Coordinator, Madison County
(here is the parent article – for additional links)
( https://w4hmc.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/alabama-tornado-outbreak/ )


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