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Monthly Meeting for April 2012

Again this month, we have a large group attending the meeting in the EOC. Last month our meeting was in the form of the NWS Severe Weather Spotter class. Reportedly there were over 300 in attendance for that class. Numerous changes upcoming in our leadership assignments, enough for a future blog post.


ARES/RACES Volunteer meeting in the EOC

However … this does NOT mean that we have enough participants . . . . . .

If you have a current FCC Amateur Radio Operator license, we strongly encourage you to visit our website (http://hmcraces.org) and register your station and capabilities with our organization. We do not require you to spend a lot of time or effort with routine stuff, but during an emergency activity it can be very valuable to pool our resources and know how to contact our members.

Stay tuned for further details. This is the 1st anniversary of the super-outbreak of tornadoes that ravaged this area last year. We have seen a tremendous increase in new radio licenses, and hope to draw them in to this organization to help them learn how to become a valuable asset to the community.

Thanks  /;^)


Monthly Meeting for February 2012

Nearly a full-house for tonight’s meeting . . .


Enthusiastic support for EmComm preparedness.